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Scientific Voyage Journal
Published by Govt. College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology, Kolkata

Being one of the most sought after Higher Education Institutions in India, Government College Of Engineering & Ceramic Technology takes pride in introducing a journal that throws light on significant areas in Science, Engineering, Management and Technology. The journal enables publication of pre-eminent research work by Researchers, Acamedicians, and Scientists pertaining to varied disciplines.

Scientific Voyage Journal (SVJ) aims primarily at publishing articles on Original Research, Review Work and Short Communications covering a broad range of subjects in fields of Science, Engineering and Technology. SVJ is dedicated towards distribution of knowledge related to the developments in science and technological research. The distinguished editorial board reflects the subjects of different domain covered in this journal. Under the domain of science and technology, the coverage includes and is not limited to Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology, Ceramic Technology, Electronics Engineering Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Science, Pure and Applied Sciences, to name a few.

SVJ is published by Govt. College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology, Kolkata, India. The journal will publish 4 issues a year. As an open access journal, the papers published by this journal are free for open access, i.e. the research communities can read your valuable research at free of cost.

The publications in Scientific Voyage will be indexed in many internationally recognized databases around the world.

Developed By  ---  Dibyajyoti Sarkar,  Sayantan Ghosh,  Shibabrata Majhi  &  Souradip Guha.  [4th Year IT, GCECT]